[Justin Edmonds/Getty Images] Champ Bailey upends Pierre Thomas in the Broncos home game vs. the Saints in 2012.

Why Champ Bailey and the Saints make sense

Tuesday’s news of veteran free agent corner Champ Bailey visiting the Saints brought mixed reactions. There was the side that looked at Bailey’s career as a whole and remarked what a great addition he would…


N.o F.un (lively, merry, amusing) L.eague

Think about all of the basketball turned football players, NFL, and think of all of the short guys that want to show the nation and the world that they have hops, too. On Tuesday, the…

Jairus Byrd poses with his new Saints jersey, which the New Orleans Saints twitter account posted on Wednesday.

Meet your newest Saint: Jairus Byrd

I’m already sports drooling over the future tandem of Kenny Vaccaro and Jairus Byrd for the Saints. We have already seen what Vaccaro can do, and that was in his rookie year, and Byrd has…

Jairus Byrd and Drew Brees talk in the Bills and Saints matchup from 2013.

Saints Free Agency: Day 1

I, like most members of Who Dat nation, was not expecting much from the Saints during the free agency frenzy. I was under the assumption that the Saints did not have much cap room to…

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